Friends spanned a decade of one of the most tumultuous, crazy eras for fashion. Movies like The Matrix and Blade ensured there was no shortage of leather while the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls took outfit expression to the next level.

Thankfully, there was one show that kept abreast of the outlandish vagaries of 90s fashion. Friends featured everybody’s favourite group of 20-somethings as they navigated the breezy world of 90s America; from Ross’s infamous leather pants to Rachel’s odyssey of denim, here are our top picks for outfits from Friends.

Pretty Paisley

90s and paisley go hand in hand like… well, 60s and paisley we suppose. But the paisley reprisal in this instance was absolutely fabulous, with an intricate print and pastely pink duo that absolutely killed it. Monica’s feet here are, unfortunately, out of frame; but we’d totally pair this with some delicate, yellow barely-there heels.

Block Colour Goodness

Big, bold colours are trending in a big way at the moment, with the ss18 trend promising to simplify outfit anxiety and keep you looking fab.

Serious but Sexy

Rachel’s constant is sophistication. She never really shakes off that ‘I’ve come from money’ vibe in the show (being the daughter of a wealthy doctor), and so many of her outfits reflect that. Here she’s rocking a super-simple black shirt and pony, but the details really set the look off. Smokey eyes and subtle accessories elevate the aesthetic from smart-looking waiter to fashion aficionado – there’s a lesson to be learned from Rachel about finishing off a look.

Boho Vibes

Pheobe was never was never one for conformty – her boho outfits defy trend and decade. Ultimately tho, her outfits have endured perhaps better than anyone else’s on the show. That’s why a lesson can be learned from pheobe: sometimes it really pays to ignore what’s on trend and be yourself!