Let us hit you with a real first world problem: Netflix has pumped out so many incredible shows in 2018 – covering so many genres while breaking so much ground – that we’re now too spoiled for choice.

With hits such as Glow, Netflix is a surefire binge-watch paradise.

That’s why we’re collating our favorite Netflix shows slaying it RN so you don’t have to face that dreaded selection anxiety!

1. Everything Sucks

There will never be a shortage of love for the 90s. The evergreen decade consistently influences our fashion, music and TV, all while tugging at our nostalgia for simpler days.

Enter: Everything Sucks. An unabashed, saccharine love letter that crams as much 90s into 30 minutes than we previously thought physically possible. Double denim, sluggish dial-up and the backstreet boys; we’re talking the whole 9 yards of unfiltered, fantastic 90s goodness.

The show follows the trials of the Boring, Oregan AV club, as they navigate the treacherous perils of high-school (which is difficult no matter what the decade). Crushes, friendship, heartbreak, and comedy: it’s all here and all through the filter of the pre-millennium!

2. The End of the F***ing World

Everyone loves a good road trip; long quiet miles of contemplation mottled with moments of touching friendship – the opportunity to find yourself. But that’s been done before, right? What if, on your two-man road trip, one of the travelers was a sociopath who constantly fantasized about killing the other?

Well, that’s The End of the F***ing world in a nutshell – and if the core concept doesn’t grab you, the quirky charm of the show and characters certainly will.