So, its September and we’re all still legally stuck inside - a little less so now but still - falling down Tik Tok spirals and making a whole bottle of Pinot Grigio disappear as if by magic. 

However, that doesn’t mean that our big girls night in plans need to be postponed until 2021 like everything else we’ve been looking forward to. So here’s our step by step guide on how to have the perfect girls night in…your own homes. You ready?

Step One:

Zoom, we know it, we have a love-hate relationship with it, we can’t remember life without it. So re-download it, cause we know you deleted it after doing one to many family quizzes. At the start of the year if you’d have told us that the best physical connection we could get is through our old Mac screen then we’d have laughed at you, now however we have a whole iPhone folder dedicated to HouseParty, FaceTime, zoom, etc. Hugging your gals through a screen isn’t the same, we’ll be honest, but mix it with step 2 (SURPRISE IT’S ALCOHOL) and the feeling is pretty much similar.

Step Two:

Alcohol, - or mocktails - is it a girls night without a cocktail or two? Organise with the besties what you’re going to be drinking, all get the same ingredients and clink your glasses together. Virtually of course* *clink sound not included.

Step Three:

Now that we’ve got our zoom gathering ready, and the drinks are waiting to be poured, we need to decide what you’re wearing. We suggest matching outfits!

Signify your girl squad memberships in these super cosy lounge sets. Available in two styles - shorts and pants - and multiple colours. Theirs enough variation here so that none of you has to wear the same outfit, or go for the ultimate squad goals by all matching your outfits. Want to be even cosier? This ribbed three piece co-ord is JUSTYOUROUTFIT! (see what we did there ??) Put it on, shake off the summer, and slip into that autumn feeling.

If that’s not your style then look like the queen of TikTok with one of our tie-dye sets. Hoodie and shorts? We got it. Switch it up with a crop top, or for extra comfort go for this crop top and pants set.
With Klarna and Laybuy you can buy them now and worry about paying for them after the hangover wears off.

Step Four:

The soundtrack. Hate the awkward silence when Sophie’s wi-fi signal cuts her off mid-sentence? We got your back boo. The JustYourOutfit team have a playlist of their favourite songs updated weekly (every Friday) with six new tracks. From old to new, R’n’B to full-fledged pop bangers. There's something for everyone and something new for you to discover. Madison beer fan? We got her. Ashnikko more your style? No worries, she’s on there too. Check out the playlist at the link below!

And we’re ready. Now just round up the girls, pick the best lighting in your house to sit in front of and you’re good to go!
Post screenshots of you and your girl gang enjoying your night in, use the hashtag #JUSTYOUROUTFIT, for the possibility to be posted on our socials! (Be sure to get that outfit in the shot)

Enjoy gals!

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