Halloween Edit - Our Top Halloween Trends for 2018

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"I'm a mouse, duh"

If you're looking for something last minute, then animals are the way to go. With the leopard print taking off this season, why not match some of our leopard print items with matching ears and fluffy heels? Or, channel your inner Karen vibes and update her look with a neutral dress and mouse ears, duh! 

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Sexy Vamp

The sexy vamp trend just seems to grow each year...And we absolutely love it. Why not pair our black PU leather dress with red heels and blood red lips to really raise eyebrows? Or, pair our eyelash plunge bodysuit with a PVC skirt to really get the party started. Choker/fake blood optional of course. 

Witch b*tch

Classic yet elegant, witch business is a serious matter. You can heat up your witchy look with our black crochet one shoulder midi dress or channel your inner Stevie Nicks with our floaty black ruffle swing dress.  Or you can throw on a bin bag and witch fingers for a big old shout out to the 90s...

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Cult luxury 

Thinking of something a bit more modern? Why take influence from music, tv & film! We're talking Baby Spice vibes, Ariana Grande's Chanel No.2, and Cher from Clueless. 

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