how to stay cool in the heatwave

by anna greenwood


with a heatwave in the uk that’s setting it to be yet another one of the hottest summer’s on record, we’ve been dying to know the best tips and tricks for staying cool in the summer sun.

we british are definitely not used to dealing with the heat, and since most homes in the uk aren’t lucky enough to have aircon, sometimes you just have to improvise!

here’s our top tips on how to stay cool during this heatwave.


   1. get an ice lolly mould


we all love a nice cold ice lolly on a hot day, but we love taking it one step further and making our own.

you can choose the flavour, it’s cheaper, and let’s face it, it’s fun.

you can even add real fruit or freeze a smoothie if you want to be healthy.


   2. put your sheets in the freezer


we’re not going to lie this is a weird one!

we all know sleeping in this weather can be a bit of a nightmare. you want to be comfy under the duvet but you don’t want to wake up a sweaty monster.

you can try and stick your feet out of the duvet, or you can take it a step further.

whacking your sheets in your (hopefully clean) freezer for around 15 minutes before bed, it gets them nice and cold ready for you to tuck yourself in.

another mini tip is sticking to cotton sheets in the heat, the best fabric to let your body breathe.   


   3. put your wrists under cold water


this technique might seem random, but the science behind it explains it all. this reduces the temperature of the blood than will then pump through your whole body to cool you down.

this is a great way to quickly beat the heat at work or school, and also works on other pressure points like the back of your knees, neck and ankles.


   4. get a fan


this seems like an obvious tip, but it’s a good one! sometimes opening the window just lets more warm air into the room, not to mention flies, wasps, bees, moths, spiders and god knows what else!

a fan keeps you cool, and if its rotating sends a lovely breeze your fan.

you can even style up an outfit with a hand held fan, for extra drama and glam on the go!


   5. sleep nude, and alone


once we get past 30 degrees, it’s time to admit it’s just too hot to be sharing a bed with another person.

if you live with your significant other, it’s time to kick them out to the spare room, or even the sofa.

they might be mad, but eventually it will work out better for both of you! (jyo is not liable for any arguments or break ups,

on that not, sleeping in the nude will of course keep you much cooler than your comfy fleece pyjamas.

just hope you don’t get burgled or the fire alarm doesn’t go off in the night.


   6. water, sun cream and setting spray


the three things any person needs in their bag during a heatwave! water keeps you cool and prevents any danger of dehydration, sun cream is a must to keep your skin safe, and setting spray is absolutely vital for those who wear makeup!

don’t let all that hard work go to waste when you’ve sweat it off by 11:30 am!

making sure you have a water bottle, some sun cream and your setting spray in your bag every morning is a great way to know you’re all set for a sunny day.


    7. dress right and stay cool


shades, shorts and summer tops are the only way to beat the heat and look amazing while doing it.

check out our summer sale here for all the best warm weather wears, and take a peep at our accessories for shades and hates to stay cool.

summer is the time you can wear all the outfits you’ve been staring at in your wardrobe all year, and now it’s finally hot enough to wear them!




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