what we loved at manchester fashion week

have you ever dreamed of a more diverse runway?

by Anna Greenwood



on monday manchester fashion week showed us that anyone can be a model if they know how to strut their stuff-reglardless of shape, size, age, gender or ability. 

our team went along to the opening fashion show at the iconic hotel football. 

the event was put together by amanda moss, a north west local who runs her own pr business. before the show started, amanda gave a stirring speech about her intentions for the show: to showcase all kinds of bodies on the catwalk, and to show the world that the north west is just as capable of creating great fashion as london.


opening the show, amanda said: ‘north west is best. why should designers go to london when we’ve got the best creative talent right here in the north west?’

the fashion show saw a whole range of brands and models on the catwalk. the show celebrated body positivity, with models of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.

in a refreshing turn, some brands chose models in wheelchairs to show off their garments. the shows finale also featured kids on the runway, with young girls sporting designs from be unique be you.


other brands included the bees knees botique, go gairy hand painted leathers, box and scandal, nooshin, twisted couture, flencirose, kintsugi and lethal combination.

we spoke to richard gair from go gairy hand painted leathers about his designs, and what he thought of the show.

‘we hand-paint leather jackets to your order. we do wedding wear, skateboards, guitars and even little doggy jackets- they’re a good seller!’


richard’s faced a life-threatening pancreas and kidney transplant for his diabetes last year, and was very inspired to see lots of different body types in the show

he said: ‘it was crazy. it was brilliant. it’s been fantastic, my heads still spinning! i’ve loved every minute of it tonight.’

the show took place during mental health awareness week, and one brand championing the cause was box and scandal.

in a memorable move, the underwear brand had their models parading up and down the runway in animal masks and their boxers, holding signs proclaiming the importance of male body positivity.


the event certainly achieved its goal of showing that fashion is for everyone, and that great fashion is not only made in london. it was refreshing and exciting to see a range of bodies on the catwalk, and we can’t wait to go back next year!

(photos courtesy of mlr_images)