Packing for University: Clothing Edition

So, the anticipation is over… you’re finally at university. The first few weeks of uni are always hectic especially since we are in the middle of a pandemic. There are so many things to think about when settling into your new student lifestyle, the last thing you need to worry about is clothes. It is super easy to get carried away with your shopping addiction but, you’ve probably already noticed, you don’t have that much storage space… Well, we at justyouroutfit have your back!

To make things easier, here is our list of essentials to get your student wardrobe up to date.


What Clothes Do You Need For University?

Trying to sort out clothes for an entire year sounds extremely intimidating but if you break it down it is simple. Try sectioning your clothes into Summer and Winter outfits. Due to summer break, you will be spending most of the summer at home. This will mean that you can leave your sandals and summer dresses at your parent’s house. We still recommend bringing a few summery outfits as (fingers crossed) we have a few nice days left.

Now let’s look at what essentials you need!



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Loungewear is key for any student!

You will be spending a lot of time in your halls, especially with lockdown, so it is important to be comfy. We understand that you might not want to be in your PJ’s 24/7 with your new flatmates, so loungewear is a great solution.

As well as this it is also important to consider the fact you may have to do online learning so joggers will be a lifesaver. Also, who doesn’t love a good hoodie when they are sat in a loonnngg lecture hungover AF.



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Everyone at uni is pretty causal so jeans are perfect for your day to day. Uni is also a very social place; you may want to go for a bite to eat or shopping after your lecture. Jeans are so versatile that you will be dressed for pretty much very scenario. Make sure you add a good few pairs to your cart as these will be a huge stable in your student wardrobe. 



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We know you have 100s of shoes but trust us you don’t need them all. Leave the heels at home. We know this hurts to hear, but you only need a few pairs of shoes. It’s essential to have a few casual trainers and some boots for the winter. If you insist on wearing heels to the club don’t wear your nicest heels. The floors are seriously sticky so ensure you have some that you don’t mind getting messy.

We also recommend getting a pair of sliders for the communal hallways and kitchens as these get seriously grotty…


Coats and Jackets

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Coats and jackets are so important for uni. We live in the UK so I think we all know how wet the weather can be. A big warm puffer jacket or parker coat will be a lifesaver when you’re walking to uni in the rain. You should also have a nice jacket for when you’re going on a shopping trip with your flatmates or if you are going to the pub after a lecture.

Oh, and don’t forget an ‘out out’ jacket. You can’t go without an essential leather jacket, denim jacket, or blazer.


BagsBlue Timeline Cycle Presentation (1).png

You really don’t need a lot of bags… We would say having 2 or 3 staple bags will get you by.

The first one should be something to take to your lectures or the library. It should be big enough for your books/ laptop and some snacks. A backpack maybe a great idea or even a tote bag to carry your equipment. 

The next should be one for a girl’s day out. When you are going shopping you want something big enough for your purse and phone. A little shoulder bag would be perfect for this!

Now for the important one.. the ‘out out’ bag. The bag to take on the late-night clubbing sessions. A little clutch is our recommendation for this. We have a great selection of bags to choose from!


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