Predicting the Hottest Trends of 2019


Fashion is a mercurial beast; there's little way of knowing which trends will rule the racks of 2019, but we thought we give it our darndest anyways! Below are our best educated(ish) guesses on the hottest trends and the most fly frocks of 2019.

Educated(ish) Guess #1: Retro Gets a Decade Bump up to the 90s.

The last few years have been all about retro. 70s and 80s fashion have dominated the rails for a few years now. Where the return of the loud prints and far-out flares of those decades might have previously been thought of as unthinkable, we think it's nigh-time the baggy shirts and jeans of the 90s have their time in the light.  

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Educated(ish) Guess #2: The Rise of Androgyny

Androgyny is one of our favourite looks, with gender-bending suits, pants and haircuts forming the bulk of gender-neutral fashion in 2019.