our top 10 met gala 2019 looks

by anna greenwood


every year the hottest celebrities are invite to the infamous met gala, to raise money for the metropolitan museum of art. the event marks the opening of the museums annual fashion exhibit, and in spirit the celeb fashion is to die for.

this year’s met gala theme was ‘camp,’ and even the red carpet went pink for the occasion.  we’ve been up all night drooling over every flamboyant, colourful and over the top celeb look. picking our favourites was a struggle, but we’ve rounded down our top looks to how well they smashed the theme, and how jaw dropping they look. in no particular order, lets begin with…




1.       michael urie 












the ugly betty star took the theme to whole new level, with his half suit half pink gown, and even his makeup being a part of the split look. urie wore christian siriano.

2.       zendaya











 it wouldn't be the met gala without a showstopper from zendaya, and the star did not disappoint! going back to her disney roots, zendaya literally lit up the pink carpet in her cinderella inspired light up gown. whoever said fancy dress can’t be fashion? zendaya wore tommy hilfiger.

3.       rupaul












when the theme is camp, you can count on one of the worlds most famous drag queens to deliver. while rupaul surprisingly didn’t turn up in drag, his outfit was still as flamboyant and loud as ever. we especially love the giant bowtie!

4.       lupita nyong’o











nyong’o was another star who truly embraced the theme, with her rainbow feathers and bold eye look. the black panther actress completed her outfit with statement jewellery and the perfect accessory- a rainbow feather fan. nyong’o wore versace.

5.       jared leto











speaking of accessories, jared leto took the definition of the word to a whole new level, completing his outfit with none other than his own head. if the ruffles and diamonds in his red gown weren’t enough, the actor carried around his own head for the evening, leaving us wondering- did it get its own seat at the table? leto wore gucci.

6.       lady gaga












one of the most memorable looks of the night is of course lady gaga’s outfit, or should we say four outfits! the singer gradually stripped from a huge pink gown, hiding a classy black number, then a tight pink dress, finishing with some sexy black underwear as her final look for the night. gaga wore brandon maxwell.




7.       harry styles












harry styles made an impression in one of the more subtle but still impactful looks of the night. in his met gala debut, the star wore a sheer mesh outfit, showing off his tattoos, complete with rings, painted nails and a cheeky moustache. styles wore gucci.

8.       kendall jenner












choosing a fave kardashian/jenner look was tough, but we had to go with kendall jenner’s full orange glam. complete with feathers, jewels and a sexy plunging neckline, this look takes the cake for the celebrity family as the most theme appropriate, and also the most fun. jenner wore versace.

9.       ezra miller












for a star who loves an androgynous look, we knew miller wouldn’t disappoint. the fantastic beasts star shocked all with his trippy multiple eye makeup look. if this alone wasn’t enough, miller completed the look with a mask and cape which were later removed to reveal a suit with a train and a corset made of jewels. miller wore burberry

10.   cara delevigne











our final fave look comes from none other than cara delevingne. the bisexual star showed her pride in a sheer rainbow striped mini dress, with rainbow glitter heels and a cane. she also wore a crazy headpiece made up of plastic teeth and eyeballs.

what did you think?

if there’s one rule at the met gala it’s that anything goes, and the more out there the better. do you agree with our list? what were your favourite looks of the night? let us know on our social media with the hashtag #justyouroutfit.